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The Missing Fathers is the latest novel by Andrew Beckford, a teacher and writer who is never afraid to touch upon the controversial subjects. The Missing Fathers continues young Anthony's journey from A Boy's Cry and shows the struggles he must now face growing up and facing all of the challenges. When someone from his past emerges and turns his and others, lives upside down! Follow the adventure and buy The Missing Fathers today by clicking on the image of the book below!


Andrew Beckford has been a teacher for most of his life; a career where he shows a true dedication to the lives of his students. He is similarly interested in the welfare of others; be it children or adults alike who have experienced abuse. His interest and concern for these victims are close to his heart and consequently he wrote the thrilling emotional novel A Boy’s Cry and the sequel The Missing Fathers. Please read and and use the information as a tool to help those who have suffered or if you have been through the same. He hopes that his writing will, in some way, help those who have been through similar experiences.