A Boy's Cry

An exerpt from A Boy's Cry:

"Help! Somebody help! My dad has been shot!" he screamed. Everything seemed dazed and hazy as he looked around him to see boys, girls, men and women, looking at him, some crying, some panicking, some moving around and only a few with chatter. He felt as if he was in a circle, spinning around him with no one to help. His world had come to an end.


A Boy's Cry is a moving and touching story about a young man called Anthony. As he grows up in an abusive home with his mother, Jade who mentally and physically assualted him. Follow the story which chronicles his very young life, growing up not knowing about his father and always searching for an escape. But will he escape his nightmares? Will he be able to find the answers he seeks? And will he be able to find the strength to fight those who wish to see him defeated? 


Following Anthony's story allows you to view a range of issues that children face from day to day. Right now, children are being abused all around the world by all kinds of people and it is a fact that there is not enough being done to prevent this. Andrew Beckford, the author of A Boy's Cry has taken it upon himself to write this book to try and help young people learn that they are individuals and that they are strong enough to be able to fight against their enemies and to empower themselves against the darkness which they face.

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