The Missing Fathers is the latest novel by Andrew Beckford, a teacher and writer who is never afraid to touch upon the controversial subjects. The Missing Fathers continues young Anthony's journey from A Boy's Cry and shows the struggles he must now face growing up and facing all of the challenges. When someone from his past emerges and turns his and others, lives upside down! Follow the adventure and buy The Missing Fathers today by clicking on the image of the book below!

An exerpt from The Missing Fathers:

"One of us will get him; one of us must get back to the room,! Caroline repeated to herself. She glanced towards the kitchen, adjacent to the living room and through the door saw the handle of the mallet. It was as if she had forgotten herself, as a strength she never knew she had before came upon her.

Without any hesitation, she picked up the mallet, swung it overt her shoulder, and with the first, second and third step, her pace increased like lightning. Her husband lay there, still with his stomach sticking out and one eye opening to see what the commotion was all about. He was struck in the forehead; the blow struck the socket of the very eye he had opened to the commotion.

Caroline then calmly went over to the still body, felt for a pulse, and found none.